Global Game Jam Tutorial

Demo of finished tutorial
Shooting cube cause them to loose health then explode
The blueprint code used to teach damage and spawning actors
Cube health varied depending on the size of the cube
The blueprint code to achieve the previous and teach construction scripts


Unreal Engine 4

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Number of times run


Approximate Audience

30 people


While I normally run my Intro to Unreal Engine tutorial in the weeks leading up to our termly (every 4 months) game jam, we decided it would be valuable to run both a Unity and Unreal Engine tutorial at the start of Global Game Jam (at the uWaterloo site). In general, we get a not of novice game developers from the university out to our jams (read: mainly programmers who have never made a game) so spending the first evening of a jam running tutorials is pretty popular. However, that meant I only had 1 hour to introduce people who had never used a game engine (other than the 1 hour Unity tutorial right before) to Unreal Engine.

As with my other tutorial, I had a pretty similar set of goals:

  • The tutorial had to be less than 1 hour long
  • The tutorial should minimize the amount of programming knowledge needed to appeal to a broad audience
  • The tutorial should touch as many parts of UE4 as possible so people know that they exist
  • Ideally, people should walk away with something playable
  • Ideally, people should be able to follow along
  • Ideally, the tutorial should only use built-in assets

As such, I elected not to start from scratch, but rather use one of the built-in templates. As such we started with the first-person shooter template with the end goal of making a game where you can shoot enemies and have them lose health until they die.

You can see the end result of the tutorial above. We covered the following areas:

  • Basic editor usage
  • Level prototyping using BSPs
  • Blueprint basics
  • Construction scripts
  • Damage

Overall, I was pleased with what was covered in just an hour!