Shots in the Dark

Gameplay trailer from post-jam build
Special power-ups such as 'light 'em up!' which reveals all enemies
Four player action
Limited arrows forces players into the light
Claim victory though quick reactions and careful observation!



Tools Used

Unity, Visual Studio, Git

Project Type

Jam Game


48 hours + occasional development

Team Size

Solo development (originally 4 people)

Curent status

Occasional work


Finish it!


This was both my first ever game jam game and my first Unity game (it’s also potentially the most fun game I’ve made).

The game itself is a top down, twin-stick local multiplayer arena shooter (like top down Towerfall) with a twist. The level is dimly lit with lights scattered around the stage, when you’re in the shadows you’re completely invisible, when you’re in the light you can be seen. Oh, and all arrows glow so if you go to shoot someone else, everyone can see you.

During the game jam where the game was originally created, I completed the following:

  • Built the invisibility system used as the primary game mechanic. System was designed to be modular, simple to use and flexible enough to handle all situations in the game.
  • Built power-up system. The system consisted of reusable code for the power-ups as well as versatile and configurable spawners.
  • Setup all animations.

After the jam was completed I have continued work on the game. At this point, the overwhelming majority of the previous code has been rewritten by me, including:

  • Implementing a game framework
  • Changing how the game does input to allow for a cleaner code base and more functionality such as button remapping.
  • Overhauling movement and shooting to remove a number of the issues (e.g. you can no longer shoot though things!), addding more customizability and having a more organized code base.

At this point, I am working on the game on the side, primarily when I travel where my 5 year old laptop can’t really run UE4!